Mr Faisu, Fashion Blogger and Youtuber Details

Mr Faisu or Faisal Shaikh is a man with multiple talents, a popular TikTo  star, model, fashion blogger and Youtuber. He has worked in many local advertisements and modelled for them. He rose to fame because of his TikTok videos. The major genres he creates videos are in romantic and drama.

He is also a well-known Youtuber. He makes videos on songs which are centred around drama, friendship, comedy and romance. He is quite popular amongst his fans for his acting skills. He started creating Youtube videos since 2018 and has till now made nearly 200 unique videos. In these videos he can be seen collaborating with his friends and other popular TikTok stars. 


Faisal Shaikh grew up in Mumbai. He was born on 7th October 1994, and is 24 years old. He grew up in a very humble, middle-class family. His dream of acting and musing his fans did not occur to him anytime before the time when his friend told him about making videos on TikTok, which back then was known as

While growing up, he took inspiration from Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor. Among his favourite actors are also Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan. He has always admired the voice of Justin Beiber and singing style of Guru Randhwa.


Faisal Sheikh was born on 7th October to Muslim parents in Mumbai, India. He also has a sister, who was recently married. Faisal also has an older brother.


Faisal has completed his schooling from Mumbai. He studied in IES New English School in Bandra. He pursued his higher studies in Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce from Mumbai.


Faisal started his career by making short TikTok videos. His style, way of acting, the choice of songs, and videos made him quite popular within a short frame of time. His focus was on creating all kinds of popular material and videos that were trending on TikTok. With time, he created his own genre, based on his fans’ recommendations. Even though he started acting with the sole motive of entertainment, he continues to make videos on romantic and comedy themes which are greatly enjoyed by his followers He has always been interested in dancing, and showcases his talent through various videos on TikTok as well as Youtube. His talent was well-appreciated by the TikTok community members.

In Youtube, he makes cover videos with his friends and other TikTok stars who are also quite popular. His first ever video had gained more than 35 million views.

After his fame, not only did he gain popularity in TikTok and Youtube, but also the number of followers and fans in his Instagram and Facebook pages have increased. Today he has more than 24 million fans not only from India, but from broad as well.

Because he is often seen with his friends who together make a group of 7, his fans have created the term “Team 7” to represent all the members of the team.

Interesting Facts

  • His rise to fame took less than a year
  • He is very close to his parents. Even though he is pretty secretive about his family, he posts photos with his mother.
  • His wind-swept hairdo is admired by his followers
  • He loves travelling and visiting new places
  • He follows cricket and is a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

In Today’s Date

In today’s date, Mr Faisu has earned more than 24 million fans, subscribers and followers through all his network in social media. His current worth is estimated to be a whopping 1.5 crore rupees!

He owns his own Maruti Suzuki Swift and a KTM bike, which happens to be his favourite bike. He performs in various college fests and other events. He also charges 1 lakh or more for any social event.

He is focused on his career right now, and wishes to be a Bollywood actor some day. He goes to the gym regularly and also has his focus on dancing. Mr Faisu is also working on modelling and has modelled for a few local companies and brands in Mumbai. 


Mr Faisu has a huge fan following, but that does not stop him from the evil trolls on the internet. He has been bullied and continues to face lashes of those who hide behind the facade of their profiles.

It is also claimed by many that Mr Faisu is dating a co-star from TikTok, Jannat Zubair. Even though these claims are denied completely by Mr Faisu, we all know that the two stars are very good friends. They appear together in many TikTok videos and on Youtube as well. They collaborate quite frequently, and are loved as a pair by their fans.

Not so long ago, his team, Team 7 has posted a communal video on TikTok which resulted in their account getting suspended. The main theme of the video was “terrorism” and making videos on this theme is against TikTok policies.