Allissa Shin Biography, Height, Age & Resemblance With Blackpink Rose

Allissa Shin

Allissa Shin is a Korean-American Instagram influencer who recently came into limelight due to her striking resemblance with BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, the 26 years old K-pop Idol. While BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is new Zealand born, Allissa was born and grew up in New York, US and is currently living in California, Los Angeles.

Full NameAllissa Shin
Age26 Years
Height5 Feet 6 Inches (168 cm)
ProfessionInstagram star, Model, Medical Professional


Allissa Shin is 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.6 m). She mentioned it replying to a fan’s query on her Instagram page. Apparently she is of same height as BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, who is also 5’6” tall and is the tallest member of the group.


Allissa Shin recently shared her parent’s pics in her Instagram story captioning her mother’s name as “Mama Shin” & father’s name as “Papa Shin”. So at the moment we know their exact names but soon we will update it, as we came across it. She also shared an adorable childhood pic of herself as well as a pic of her 14 years old self.


Allissa Shin is currently riding the waves of popularity ever since BLINK’s found out her uncanny resemblance to their favourite K-Pop star Rose. Her official Instagram (@allissashin) saw an exponential growth in followers within few weeks, when she gained some 100 K followers, increasing the follower count from 20 K to around 120 K in April 2020. She also got the sweet blue tick on her profile as her Instagram account got verified in the same period.

But the popularity came with some online harassment and bullying as some uncool people accused her of copying BLACKPINK‘s Rosé style and stealing her limelight, which doesn’t make any sense because last we check BLACKPINK‘s Rosé official Instagram (@roses_are_rosie) has more than 20 Million followers. While there are also others who were just happy that they have found Allissa’s account.

Checkout some of the comments on her Instagram Profiles:

Allissa Shin Blackpink Rosé doppelganger

Allissa didn’t initially understand why she was getting so much attention as evident from her comment (see pic below) when one of her fan informed her that she is blowing up on Twitter. Her response was “I’m sorry can you elaborate because I have no idea why I’d on Twitter”.

But after constant negative comments on her profile she took it upon herself to clear any doubts, people might have about her. Here’s her statement from her Instagram story:

“To: The imbeciles in my DMs

I wanted to share this to clear up some negative claims being made about me in regards to a K-Pop idol named Rosé.

I was originally planning on defending myself with facts/counter arguments, but I realized that it’ll just be redundant as those of you who are being rude are just going to find another reason to target me.

If people are excited because they believe that I resemble their favourite idol, then I am genuinely glad. If I found someone who looked like my favourite celebrity, I would be ecstatic as well LOL. I really do not mind if others tell me that they think I resemble her, but what I do mind is when people are being toxic and making false accusations. I personally do not believe that I look like Rosé and I am not trying to either.

None of this means that I am going to change my appearance to satisfy you, so stop trying to bring me down. It’s a waste of both my time and your time. I am not going to change my hair, make-up or fashion because of some who are speculating that I am trying to look like her. Do not assume that I am changing my whole lifestyle/appearance to look like someone because I know that I am Allissa Shin, not BLACKPINK‘s Rosé

P.S. To those of you who aren’t assh***s, THANK YOU”.

Some Blink’s also called her out for this statement of hers, as they feel like it is hurting the wonderful community’s image, in one of the comments. And Allissa also gracefully cleared her doubts also, in the matter:

“I did not state anything in regards to the entire fan base specifically (Positive or negative). I have asked for individuals who are spreading negativity to refrain from doing so, without anything directed towards the Blackpink fans”.

Allissa Shin To Blackpink Community

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