Solazola Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Body Measurements & Net Worth
SolaZola Biography Modelling Career and Net Worth

Solazola Biography, Age, Height, Figure, Boyfriend & Modelling Career

Behold the magnificent Solazola, a beguiling model hailing from the bountiful land of Ukraine, who has captured the hearts of many with her enchanting allure and velvety lips. This digital luminary has transformed into a social media sensation, amassing a staggering 600k disciples on her official Instagram handle (@solazolareal), roughly 200k devotees on her TikTok handle (@baby_sola), and a mesmerizing 52K ardent supporters on her subreddit (r/solazola).

The young goddess embarked on her sacred journey in the realm of modelling during the cycle of time known as 2017. As of now, she holds the mighty third position on prestigious platforms like PH and MH, flaunting an impressive battalion of 850,000 loyal devotees and an astounding 410 million views. The divine Solazola, well-acquainted with the adoration of males, blesses her followers with offerings of fresh, scintillating visual art on her official Instagram account and her hallowed digital shrine.


This emerging sensation was brought into this world on December 12, 1999 in the illustrious land of Russia. Known by her stage moniker, Solazola, her true identity remains a mystery (two presumed identities have surfaced on the interwebs – Ksenia Kunda or Maria Smetanina). Her roots trace back to a conventional upbringing in St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently calling Tallinn (Estonia) her humble abode, Solazola dwells alongside her beau and co-conspirator of her channel. Her heart melts for fashion-forward canines and her pet American bully breed, christened “Poochinni”, possesses a personal IG account (@poochi_bully).

Date of Birth12 December 1999
Age20 Years
Height5’8” (1.72m)
Weight50 KG (111 lbs.)
Body Measurements34-24-36
Plastic SurgeryNo – All Natural
Relationship StatusHave a Boyfriend
Profile Views (as of 2021)82 Million
Video Views (as of 2021)410 Million
ProfessionModel and Instagram Influencer
Net Worth$ 100,000

Behold the ultimate Russian beauty, the mesmerizing Solazola, towering at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm). Feast your eyes on her curves, measuring 34 inches (Bust), 24 inches (Waist), and 36 inches (Hips), yet unbelievably she maintains a fit weight of 111 pounds (50 kg) with chiseled abs! Behold her natural brunette locks and captivating brown eyes.

SolaZola Biography Modelling Career and Net Worth

Solazola’s genuine and natural body shape is one of the key components to her widespread success. She hasn’t undergone any cosmetic surgery to enhance her feminine assets, maintaining an all-natural figure. As a model, she was aware that tattoos and piercings could limit her prospects, which led her to abstain from any piercings and only have a small flower tattoo discreetly located underneath her left breast.

Solazola’s upbringing was simple and humble, raised in a middle-class family with a love for snowboarding, which she inherited from her father. After finishing her secondary education in her hometown, she became enamored with modeling and photography, developing an affinity for photo shoots and videography from a young age.


Over time the curious Russian beauty developed a natural curiosity towards sensational photography and videos and dreamt about joining the industry. After graduation, the naughty school girl meet a young guy who made her feel heaven with his intimacy. The relationship grew strong and instead of pursuing higher education in College, SolaZola fantasize about joining amateur videography for popular sites.

SolaZola Hid her real age before she entered the industry and her boyfriend made her account, which today boasts a massive fan following, eagerly waiting for her new HD video release. Her parents were opposed of her joining the industry, even though she only want to make content with her boyfriend and not any major studio.

This lead to Solazola moving to Tallinn (Estonia) with her Boyfriend and co-creator of her channel. Together the couple make candid videos, which is widely appreciated by their fans all over the world.

She soon got nominated at the PH-Awards 2019 in “Most Popular Verified Amateur” category but lost to Leolulu. Next year, she got nominated in the same category but lost to model Mini Diva. It is worth mentioning that she won the “Rookie of the year” award over fellow Russian Model Eva Elfie.


Solazola, the mesmerizing Russian model and Instagram sensation, is rumored to have a net worth that’s nothing short of $100,000 USD – and that’s not even including her other undisclosed assets! This curvaceous beauty’s main source of income comes from her lucrative paid content deals with her followers and subscribers, as well as a percentage of ad revenue that she receives from the official platform. It’s safe to say that Solazola is making bank with her stunning looks and online fame!


SolaZola earns on average $ 6,000 from each of her Modelling Video and has a worth of mini-influencer on Instagram

SolaZola’s staggering success on PH has made her one of the most sought-after babes on the internet. Her natural baby face look has captured the attention of 850,000 subscribers, who have watched her videos 410 Million times, with an additional 82 Million profile visits as of august 2021. Currently, the stunning model is ranked 3rd on the platform, solidifying her position as one of the most popular models in the industry.

Her popularity on the platform has allowed her to earn a percentage of ad revenue on all her free content and exclusive paid content for her followers. SolaZola also generates revenue from her Onlyfans account, where she sells monthly memberships for her exclusive content.

The Russian beauty’s official IG account (@solazolareal) boasts 594,000 followers, who engage with her content at an impressive rate. With each post, she garners an average of 100K views and 1000 comments, showcasing her curvaceous figure and captivating beauty to the world.


Wowza! The svelte and stunning Solazola has been making waves on the short video app, TikTok. With over 200,000 dedicated followers and a whopping 1.3 million likes on her official account (@baby_sola), this tantalizing temptress has been driving her fans wild with her sultry and seductive videos. Her engagement rate is off the charts at 12%, and each one of her steamy videos racks up an average of 500,000 views, 500 shares, and 45,000 likes.

The voluptuous vixen confidently displays her athletic physique in tight, revealing outfits and accessories that are sure to leave her admirers drooling. As a major influencer on the platform, she’s estimated to be raking in an impressive $5000 per month. This babe is certainly one to keep your eyes on!