Shroud: The God Gamer and Streamer

Shroud is a well-known gamer. Shroud is the stage name that Michael Grzesiek uses for gaming. Shroud has been an active played since a decade, but it was only 5 years ago ago in 2014 that he became a part of Cloud9. In 2017, he helped in making Cloud9 win in second place in ESL One Cologne. With his help, the team also went on to secure the first position in 2016 in ESL Pro League Season 4. He is known for playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Battlefield V and many other popular first person shooter and battle royale games. He left Cloud9 in 2018 and continues to play with Old Guys Club, joining them for matches occasionally.

He is considered to be one of the best PC gamers in the world. His total earnings through gaming is estimated to be $226,230! 


Michael Grzesiek was born on 2nd June, 1994 in Canada. In a video game streaming, Shroud explained how impactful his childhood was to make him what he is today, when it comes to the field of gaming. His father was a computer fanatic as well. They had LAN in the basement of his house, which was connected to 5 PCs in a row. So, from the young age of 5, Shroud would play with his father and later was joined by friends after school or during the weekends.


He was born to a Polish father and Canadian mother. He grew up in Canada and cannot speak much of Polish.

He was dating Jessica Rago, who is also a streamer, until January 2019. She plays under the name of Dacchei. Currently, it is assumed that Shroud is dating Hannah Kennedy, who is another streamer, with more than 140 thousand followers!


Shroud grew up in Canada, and has completed his education from the city of Mississauga. There are no details available about his high school or university or college which he might have attended.


Shroud’s career as a professional gamer began quite early, back in the year 2014. He started playing Call of Duty: Back Ops 4, CS:GO etc. he polished his skills and got himself a spot in eSports team Exertus. Following his brushing up, he went on to join another team, Manajuma. He played extensively and become well-known for his skills. He was found by CompLexity Gaming, a team from the USA. this team was founded in 2003, and is a well-known team, recognized for competing in CS:GO and Call of Duty. after he joined CompLexity, he replaced Anger, another fellow gamer. Shroud’s advanced techniques like clutching and lurking skills quickly got him the fame. Within only a year’s time, Shroud became a permanent player for Cloud9 in 2014. 

Shroud could not perform his best in the same at the beginning, getting placed between 8th and 5th positions. He, however, started coping up. It was claimed that Cloud9 team liked Shroud’s decision-making abilities and the way he strategized. This is the reason why shroud was given more chances, even though he failed to do his best for the team initially. Even though Shroud needed polishing, the team saw much potential in him. This confidence was what made them win ESL Pro League Season 1, and finish in the first place in 2015. Later, he was declared the runner up, but won a prize money of 60 thousand dollars in global ESL Pro League Season 1. In 2015, he won another cup, iBUYPOWER Cup, worth 65 thousand dollars!

2016 marked two losses by Shroud and his team. But they won hefty sums of money in the two tournaments. Later in the same year, Shroud made his team win DreamHack Open Bucharest 2016 where he played as a solo player. In the same year, ESL Pro League Season 4 saw their team winning 2 million dollars! In August, after being casted as a benched player, he left professional gaming to try his luck in full-time streaming. That is where Twitch comes in. Since 2017, he has been streaming full-time. At first Shroud began with only a few followers, which gradually grew to 7 thousand 500. Currently, Shroud has more than a million followers on his Twitch and Youtube channel.

Interesting Facts

  • He is an animal lover. He owned puppies with his ex girlfriend.
  • He has been gaming since he was 5 years old!
  • His father’s love for gaming introduced him to this world
  • He stopped competing in major leagues because he was tired of traveling and wanted to work as a gamer from his own comfort.
  • Shroud supports beginner streamers. He is often seen helping our fellow streamers by suggesting his followers to help them out.
  • Shroud is greatly loved by his fans not only for his techniques in gameplay but also because he is an honest and genuine player.

In today’s date

Today, Shroud is in Orange County, USA. He is a full-time Twitch streamer now. It is estimated that he earns more than 1 million dollar monthly from Twitch, nearly 70 thousand dollars from his Youtube channel and on top of that he also gets a hefty amount from sponsorships and deals from various companies.