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Searching online for “NoFaceGirl”, “NoFaceGirl Bio” or “who is NoFaceGirl”? NoFaceGirl is a well known 26 year old PH model who was born in Seattle, United States. NoFaceGirl Started her career from PH site almost 2 years ago and currently has close to 600k subscribers with 384 million views. So here we will reveal details about NoFaceGirl like her real name, face reveal, real pics, boyfriend, height, weight, body measurements, modelling career, income and net worth.

Screen Name: NoFaceGirl

Age: 26 Yrs

Relationship/Boyfriend: Yes, Taken

Ethnicity: White

Nationality: American

Body Measurements:  34-24-37

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Age, Family & Early Life

NoFaceGirl real name is not public and she is only known online by her screen name NoFaceGirl. NoFaceGirl was born on 5th October 1994 in Seattle and raised by her parents. Although after researching online we can’t find any family details about NoFaceGirl but she has done high schooling from Seattle city.

Career As Video Creator

NoFaceGirl journey on PH website started in the year 2019 and since then there is no stop. As per PH’s website she is currently standing at the rank of 15 and very close to gaining 500 million views.

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Physical Measurements

We know all NoFaceGirl viewers want to know here body stats, so lets discuss here. NofaceGirl is 5 ft 6 inches tall with figure measurements of 34-24-37 in US size. The estimated weight of NoFaceGirl is 54 kg with athletic body.


NoFaceGirl is into relationship and this info is public on PH website. NoFaceGirl’s boyfriend works as a business partner and also streams games on his twitch channel NFguy.

Net Worth & Income

The revenue and income model of NoFaceGirl is also similar to the top PH model Mini Diva. More the views and subscription the more NoFaceGirl will earn. So based on calculating metrics like views, subscribers and ranking NoFaceGirl total net worth is between 1 to 1.5 million dollars currently.

Social Media Details

NoFaceGirl Instagram Profile@thenfgirl
NoFaceGirl Twitter Handle@TheNFGirl
NoFaceGirl Snapchat
NoFaceGirl’s Boyfriend Insta IDthenofaceguy

Some Frequently Asked Questions About NoFaceGirl

What is the real name of NoFaceGirl?

NoFaceGirl has not revealed her real name until now.

Is there any tattoo/piercing on NoFaceGirl’s?

NoFaceGirl is not a fond of tattoos buy piercing can be seen on few parts.

Where is NofaceGirl born?

NoFaceGirl was born in the popular city on United States i.e. seattle.

What is the relationship status of NofaceGirl?

NoFaceGirl relationship status is taken.

Quick Facts About NoFaceGirl

Real Name (Nickname)NofaceGirl
Age26 years
Height5′ 6″ (167.5 in cms)
NoFaceGirl’s Birthday5 Oct
Weight54 Kg (120 LBS)
Boyfriend/RelationshipYes, Taken
Profession of NoFaceGirlModelling, Video Creator
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
HobbiesHiking, Travelling
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