Mini Diva

Searching google for “who is mini diva”, “what is the real name of mini diva”? Stay tuned to read all details about the European Beauty- Mini Diva like here age, boyfriend, education and modelling career. Mini Diva is one the most searched girl on P-H site where she has close to 1 million followers.

Mini Diva Biography, Age, Family & Early Life

Want to know more about Mini Diva’s childhood or boyfriend? You will be shocked to know that Mini Diva has not revealed anything about her private life and also her real name is also unknown. Still we have collected few important information and facts about Mini Diva’s life which you can read below. Born and raised in the beautiful European country Prague, Mini Diva has spent most of her childhood and completed her basic education from there.

Career as a Video Creator:

Mini Diva started her career as a video creator on P-H website in early 2020 and grabbed more than 971k followers with 493 million views till now. Still in the 2021 she is the number 1 model in terms of all site metrics.

Physical Measurements

So lets discuss about the physical details of Mini Diva here. Mini Diva’s height is 5 ft and 6 inches (167 in cms) with body figure measurements 34-25-34. The color of Mini hair is brown with white ethnicity. The approximate weight of Mini Diva is close to 51kg (112.5 lbs) with brown colored eyes.

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Our guess is that this 27 year old model is dating someone but we can’t find any info about Mini Diva’s boyfriend online.

Net Worth & Income

We all know most of the revenue from video views comes from advertisement, so Mini Diva also earns from ads as she has million of views there. Also she is also a active video content creator on Only-Fans website where she earns from subscriptions. The rough estimate concludes to a total net worth of 1 million USD.

Instagram & Social Media

Mini Diva gained a massive following on website without even showing her full face or real identity. At present Mini has 304k followers on Instagram where she has engagement of 30k-40k likes on average per post. Also she has mentioned there that she only uses Instagram social platform and not present on twitter, telegram or snapchat app.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Diva

Why who is Mini Diva is the most searched question about her?

Because Mini Diva’s real name is unknown and in her video content face is cropped.

What is the relationship status of Mini Diva?

Mini Diva’s relationships, dating background and boyfriend details are private. May be she is single until now.

Is there any tattoo or piercing on Mini Diva’s body?

Not even a single tattoo is present on her but piercing work can be seen on 2-3 spots.

Where is Mini Diva born?

She was born in Czech Republic.

Quick Facts About Mini Diva

AGE27 Years
Height5′ 6″ (167 cms)
Mini Diva’s BirthdayAugust 6, 1994
Weight51 Kg
BirthplaceCzech Republic
ProfessionVideo Creator, Model
Eye ColorBrown Eyes
Body Measurements34-25-34

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