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Lita Lewis, a self-made athletic model and fitness guru, has garnered a devoted fan base on the internet through her massive following on Instagram (@followthelita) and YouTube channel (@FollowTheLitaTV), where she shares her popular HIIT cardio workouts. In addition to her fitness success, Lita is also a motivational speaker and life coach with a multi-ethnic background. She is making waves in the fashion industry with her clothing brand, “Thick Athletics Apparel.”


Whoa, can you believe that Lita Lewis, the Instagram superstar and fitness model, was actually born in the City of Angels on July 31, 1983? She’s now 39 years old as of 2023! But here’s where it gets really wild: for over two decades, Lita lived in Narellan Vale, a small suburb in South West Sydney, Australia, before packing her bags and moving all the way across the country to Brooklyn, New York City in 2007. And get this: after a decade in the Big Apple, she actually made her way back to her birthplace of Los Angeles in 2017, where she’s now running online at-home workouts and training programs for her dedicated followers. Mind. Blown.

Thick & Fit Model and Trainer Lita Lewis


She’s got a mixed heritage, with one half African American and the other half Samoan, you heard that right! Her father hails from Kentucky and is African American, but her mother’s side is where it gets really interesting. Lita’s grandfather is from Samoa, and her grandmother was born on Tuvalu, which is a Polynesian island. And get this, the language spoken by the Tuvaluans, called Tuvaluan, is pretty darn close to Samoan! Oh, and did I mention that Lita enjoys dual citizenship in both Australia and the United States? Yeah, she’s got that international flair.

Height and Weight

Have you ever taken a gander at Lita’s Instagram feed? Her chiseled bod is no cakewalk. This fitness goddess towers at 5’5″ and boasts an athletic build of 34-25-38. The encouraging coach champions self-improvement and keeps her weight a lean 145-155lbs (65.77-70.30kg).

The sport of bodybuilding messed me up mentally and emotionally because post-competing, my body yo-yo’d crazy. I put on twenty pounds in just like ten daysLita Lewis on Competitive Bodybuilding in 2011


She was the first-born of her parents who got divorced when she was only 12 years old. Her father was part of the US Air Force and met her mother while on the job. Interestingly, Lita’s youngest sister is named Liana Lewis, and she’s 12 years younger than Lita, while her other sister, Larryn, is three years younger. But that’s not all – Lita is also related to famous Australian footballer Tim Cahill through her aunt Sisifo, and is a cousin of professional rugby league footballer Ben Roberts. What a family tree!

Dating History & Husband

Lita Lewis, the Instagram fitness sensation, made headlines when tabloids linked her romantically with American musician Swizz Beatz while he was still married to singer Alicia Keys. However, the rumors were put to rest when the rapper shared the Instagram DMs between them, which showed that he had only reached out to Lita for fitness training for his wife.

After moving to NYC in 2007 to work for an ad agency, Lita began dating her best friend Ryan Grant, a newly drafted professional football player. However, the relationship ended on bitter terms, leaving Lita heartbroken and hoping to marry him.

Fast forward to November 11, 2020, and Lita got engaged to Guy Fernandez Jr., a Hollywood stuntman and actor who stands at an impressive 6′ 4″. With over 10K followers on his Instagram (@guyfernandezjr), Guy has worked as a stunt double for Winston Duke (M’Baku) on Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Captain America: Civil War (2016), and as an electrician on the set of The Host (2013).

Lita is looking forward to marrying Guy and has welcomed his four children, Tre, Braden, Caden, and Gavin, as her own. The family picture is truly beautiful.


Lita Lewis, the Thick & Fit model and Fitness Trainer, boasts a net worth of $750,000 in the current year of 2023. She has a myriad of revenue streams, but the most lucrative source is from her online training programs and merchandise sales on her website. Additionally, the Instagram influencer has forged strategic partnerships to expand her financial portfolio.


Lita Lewis is a true powerhouse in the fitness and motivation realm on Instagram, boasting a staggering 532,000 followers on her verified account (@followthelita). Her strong and athletic presence is nothing short of impressive, and it’s no surprise that she’s captured the attention of so many fans.

The majority of her followers fall in the 25-34 age range, followed closely by 18-24 year-olds, with approximately 56% of her audience being female. While 37% of her fitfam hail from the United States, Lita has amassed followers from all over the world, including the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and India.

Her impressive credentials have landed her campaigns with global fitness brands like Verizon, Colgate, Chevrolet, and Nike, and her carefully curated Instagram feed is rife with sponsored posts and brand deals.

IG Handle@followthelita
Verified/Non VerifiedVerified
Influencer StatusMega Influencer
Engagement Rate (ER)1.38%
Average Likes/Post12,000
Average Comments/Post150
Average Post/week5-6
Estimated Post Value$4000/post
IG collaborations
Business Instagram@thickathleticsapparel
Business email
Lita Lewis Instagram Influencer Stats & Earnings


In 2013, Lita Lewis joined the YouTube community, and has since accumulated over 18,000 subscribers and 400,000 views on her official channel, @FollowTheLitaTV. Her channel boasts 67 videos, with the “Lita Lewis – Leg Workout” and “30 minute Total body workout” being the most popular. While her earnings from this channel are modest, estimated to be around $500K-$1000K based on video reach and audience location CPM, the platform serves as a valuable promotional tool for her other ventures.


  • Lita Lewis boasts a truly remarkable achievement – she clinched an Olympic gold medal in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Incredible as it may sound, Lita’s parents entered her in the “Baby Olympics Competition” when she was only 1 year old, held just outside the stadium.
  • During her school years, Lita Lewis participated in various Track & Field events, including 100m, 200m, the 4x100m relay, and the long jump. Additionally, she demonstrated her speed and strength as a winger in Touch Football.
  • During her high school days, Lita hustled part-time at a discount store giant called BIG W, with the sole aim of saving enough money to eventually move back to the United States.
  • Influenced by her parents’ aspiration for her to become a role model to her younger sisters, Lita pursued a four-year college degree and graduated with a double major in finance and design, an impressive feat that reflects her dedication and hard work.
  • Upon relocating to New York City, Lita held a sales executive position at a video licensing firm for a year before venturing into another corporate opportunity.
  • Intriguingly, Lita Lewis came tantalizingly close to joining the Marine Corps Command and Staff College (CSC) at one point, but ultimately her father convinced her to reconsider.
  • Lita Lewis was hit with a spell of depression following her split from Ryan Grant in 2010, which caused her to lose her appetite and shed some weight, as confirmed by her sister.
  • In 2011, Lita Lewis dedicated herself to a rigorous training regime for a whole year, ultimately leading her to make an entrance into the competitive world of figure bodybuilding.


Get ready to sweat it out with Lita, the reigning fitness queen on a mission to transform her clients! She’s based out of a chic boutique gym in Los Angeles and takes her high-octane boot camp workshop on a nationwide tour. But hold on, there’s more! For all you fitness enthusiasts out there, Lita’s got a secret weapon that will knock your socks off – her exclusive gym-based training and diet regimen! Access this goldmine of fitness expertise through her e-books or official Fitness APP.

Brace yourself for the Lita Lewis Total Body Blast Training Program – not for the faint-hearted! This four-week intensive training regime will test your limits and leave you with a sculpted body that you can flaunt with pride. And that’s not all – Lita’s also the mastermind behind “My Freedom Retreat,” an international wellness extravaganza that will set your heart and soul ablaze!

Lita Lewis’s Playbook Training programs costs $99.99 for 1 year and includes:

  • At-Home Workouts (7 Days/ 16 Hours)
  • Lita Live class workouts archive (4 weeks/ 16 workouts)
  • Lita’s glow up challenge (21 Days/ 22 Workouts)

Through her Instagram, Lita also organised the “Lita Lewis #501 rep Challenge”, promoting her online Live training programs. Here’s some of her high intensity workout routines from the challenge:

WEEK 1 – DAY 1/12 Routine [5 rounds of following exercises]

  • 20X Jumping Lunges
  • 20X Hand Release Push Ups
  • 20X Alt. reverse Lunges
  • 20X Squat Jumps
  • 20X Reverse Crunches

WEEK 1 – DAY 2/12 Routine [5 rounds of following exercises]

  • 20 seconds High Knees
  • 20X Alt. front lunges
  • 20X Bicycle Crunches
  • 20X Sumo Jumps
  • 20X Star Jumps

WEEK 2 – DAY 3/12 Routine [5 rounds of following exercises]

  • 20X Single Leg Curtsy Skips
  • 20X Lateral Crawl w/delt Taps
  • 20X Lateral Hops
  • 20X Hip Hop Push Ups
  • 20X Double Lunge Burpees
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