Eva Elfie Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Modelling Career

Eva Elfie Biography, Modelling Career & Net Worth

Eva Elfie, the enchanting and gorgeous model hailing from the frigid lands of Siberia, has set the internet ablaze and is a global sensation. The slender Russian stunner’s TikTok videos of her adorable smile and perfectly toned physique have amassed a colossal following. Her official Instagram account (@theevaelfie) boasts an impressive 1.9 million followers, while her YouTube channel (@EvaElfieYT) has over 400K subscribers, both raking in views and engagement like wildfire.

Get ready to be dazzled by the multitalented Yulia Romanova, known to her legions of fans as Eva Elfie, Brigitte, Lady Jay, Tieny Mieny, or Tiny-Teen. This stunning model is just 21 years old but has already taken the world by storm with her captivating videos and irresistible smile. Her Instagram handle (@theevaelfie) boasts a whopping 1.9 million followers, while her YouTube channel (@EvaElfieYT) has garnered over 400,000 subscribers. But that’s not all: she’s also a major player on Leading PH, with an awe-inspiring 1.4 million subscribers and an astounding 610 million video views as of 2023


This Russian model is a fitness fanatic who religiously follows a grueling workout routine to maintain her svelte frame of 45 kg or 100 pounds, despite being an average height of 5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm. But that’s not all – as a certified Instagram influencer, she frequently flaunts her envious body measurements of 34 inches (B), 25 inches (Waist), and 35 inches (Hips) that leave her fans absolutely breathless.

Stage NameEva Elfie
Real NameYulia Romanova
Other NicknamesBrigitte, Lady Jay, Tieny Mieny, Tiny Teen
Date of Birth27 May 2020
Age21 Years Old
Birth PlaceOmsk, Russia
Current ResidenceMoscow, Russia
EthnicitySlavic Russians/White
Height5’ 4” (1.63 m)
Weight45 KG (100 lbs.)
Body Measurements34”-24”-35”
Body shapeNatural Curvy
ProfessionYouTuber, Model and Influencer
Plastic SurgeryNo – All natural
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth $ 250,000 USD

This pro model’s got a head-turning look with luscious green eyes and a natural hair hue of grey that adds to her unique allure. And get this – she’s got no tats or piercings on her bod, which is pretty rare in this day and age. Word on the street is she hasn’t gone under the knife either, choosing instead to let her all-natural curves do the talking.

Eva Elfie Bio Wiki and Net Worth

The Russian star – Eva Elfie is currently the most famous av actress from the CIS region. She spent her childhood in a theater studio, learning the tricks of the professional acting. For some time the Eva studied at the school elite gymnasium №115. But left this school. She eventually graduated high school back in 2015.

She then took admission the acting department at the “Omsk State University” for her college education, but could not get there and so Eva eventually studied journalism in Moscow for some time.

At 19 year of age, Eva started working in a pseudo-cosmetology company, where she lured potential customers with her charming personality. Eva Elfie met her now husband “Adam Ocelet” for the first time while living in Moscow.

In August 2018, Adam and Eva started living together as a couple in Moscow. He entered the law faculty while Eva took admission in the journalism faculty. Eva also worked part-time as a sales agent for a company dealing Forex exchange for money.

Following Financial issues of living in pricey Moscow, she decided to join in a webcam studio for extra income. Then in fall of 2018, Eva Elfie was suddenly offered hot photography shoot offer in Crimea, which lead to a self-pleasuring-scene shoot. She asked for appearing in av with her boyfriend Adam and they got the opportunity in Czech Republic. There, she choose the nickname “Eva Elfie” whereas her boyfriend Adam Ocelot was named after the main antagonist of the video game Metal Gear Solid – Revolver Ocelot.

After their first experience in the this industry, they moved back to Moscow and decided to upload self-made amateur content on leading PH site. They verified their age and made and account under the name “Eva Elfie”. In their first video together, Eva played half-sister role of Adam and the video blew up, gaining 53 million views and became the 3rd most popular video of 2019 worldwide on PH.

The couple bought their first apartments in Nekrasovka. In December 2019, they attended PH Award ceremony. Eva competed for the prestigious “Rookie of the Year” and “Model of the Year” awards – both with a $ 10,000 prize each. But Ukrainian star Solazola beat them for it. After that they went to Las Vegas, where they impulsively decided to get married.


The sensational Eva Elfie, a Russian powerhouse on PH, Instagram and YouTube, has an impressive net worth of around $250,000 USD. Her primary source of income is sharing her exclusive content on PH, MH site, Only Fans and Patreon. Additionally, she earns a substantial amount from YouTube ad revenue and brand promotions on Instagram and TikTok. With her diverse social media presence, Eva Elfie continues to build her brand and accumulate wealth.


Eva Elfie and her partner Adam are a dynamic duo in the industry, only creating content with each other, except for a one-off shoot with a boy-girl-girl for a European studio. Eva’s PH videos generate ad revenue and her paid content allows her to earn directly. She also has a verified account on Model-Hub, where she posts exclusive content for her fans and earns a whopping 70% of all the income generated from each video.

As one of the most natural beauties in the business, her popularity on PH has skyrocketed, currently ranking 3rd on the site with over 1.6 million devoted followers consuming her content daily. This Russian model has worked with all the big studios in the industry such as Amour Angels, Met-Art, N-P, RK, Team-Skeet and many others. In just one year, Eva has become a top star in the industry and has won multiple awards for her mesmerizing performances.

2019 PH AwardsNominatedBest-Performer
2020 PH awardsNominatedMost popular female artist
2020 X-BIZ Europa awardsWinnerArtist of the year – Videos
2021 Alt:P0 -RNNominatedBest Gothic Scene
WinnerBest female artist – Fan choice
2021 A-VN AwardsWinnerBest new foreign starlet
NominatedBest boy/Girl scene –  in a Foreign Film
NominatedFan awards – Hottest newcomer
X-Biz Cam AwardsWinnerBest video artist


Eva Elfie Monthly Income from YouTube: $ 800 - $ 2500

Gaze in amazement, dear reader, for the dazzling and multifaceted Eva Elfie is not merely a model, but also a renowned YouTuber, who delights her fans with fabulous try-haul clothing videos and captivating travel vlogs. As of the 14th of February in the year of our lord 2020, the official channel of this Russian diva has accumulated a staggering 400,000 subscribers and a truly mind-boggling 20 million views!

Behold, oh mortal, the sheer magnitude of her popularity, as she blazes a trail of fame and fortune by crossing major milestones on her channel within the span of a mere year. The numbers, like a turbulent river, flow with a bewildering and perplexing pace – 1000 subs per day! 30-40k video views every day! Can you comprehend the magnitude of her impact, dear reader? The answer, I fear, eludes us all.

Eva Elfie Official YouTube@EvaElfieYT
100K Subscriber Milestone2 August 2020
200K Subscriber Milestone16 December 2020
300K Subscriber Milestone15 March 2021
Eva Elfie EmailEvaElfieYT@gmail.com


Eva Elfie’s social media presence is exploding with TikTok being her latest conquest. The Russian sensation’s official TikTok account (@theevaelfie) has amassed over 2.7 million followers and a staggering 17 million hearts/likes. Her engagement rate of 14% has resulted in a mind-boggling estimated worth of $30,000 to $50,000. Her latest videos on TikTok garner an average of 375K likes, 5000 shares, and over 4 million video views, putting her ahead of mainstream models.

On Instagram, Eva Elfie has established her brand with seductive, high-definition photos that will awaken thoughts you didn’t even know you had. Her official Instagram account (@theevaelfie) has a fanatical following of 2 million, and she can be contacted at evaelfieofficial@gmail.com for any paid collaborations. Her backup account (@evaelfie_official) has around 347,000 followers, further showcasing her widespread appeal.