Claudia Walsh - Age, Boyfriend, Birthday, Family and Net Worth -

Claudia Walsh – Age, Boyfriend, Birthday, Family and Net Worth

Get ready to be mind-blown by the incredible Claudia Walsh! This American sensation is a jack-of-all-trades, serving as a YouTube vlogger, Instagram influencer, and viral TikToker. What’s even crazier is that she’s part of the famous Walsh Family – talk about a power clan! Claudia’s videos are all about lifestyle, clothing try-ons, and thrift hauls, and she’s even taken things up a notch by launching her own clothing line called “MOODS CLOTHING” with her equally famous YouTuber siblings, Kennedy Walsh and Brandon Walsh.

Want to learn everything there is to know about this multi-talented fashion icon? Well, buckle up, because we’re diving into her bio, family background, body measurements, dating history, tattoos, nursing profession, and of course, her net worth.


Claudia Walsh, the stunning beauty, was brought into this world on December 5, 1996, in the serene coastal town of Manchester, Maryland, in the US of A. With 24 years on the clock, the charming influencer has graced us with her Irish and German ancestry from her father and mother, respectively. She proudly represents the American nationality and currently dwells in the trendy city of Tampa, Florida.

This petite princess stands at an average height of 5 Feet 2 Inches, maintaining her svelte figure at a healthy weight of 48 Kg. Claudia’s eye-catching features, including her plump lips and breathtakingly beautiful figure, boast body measurements of 34-28-34, making her the talk of the town with all the right headlines.

Full Name: Claudia Marie Walsh

Birthday: December 5, 1996

Body shape: Petite

Body Measurements: 34”-28”-34”

Cup Size: D

Height: 5′2″ or 157 cm (1.57m)

Weight: 105 pounds (lbs)

Profession: Fashion YouTuber/ Registered Nurse

Net Worth: $ 120,000 USD

Natural Lips or Fillers: Fillers

Piercings: Multiple (Belly, Ear & Nose)


Whoa! Let me tell you about the social media frenzy that is the Walsh family. Claudia’s whole fam is totally plugged into the scene, especially her bro Brandon Walsh and sis Kennedy Walsh. Her old man, Aiden Walsh, is a real Renaissance man – he owns both a water purification company and a street combat systems biz. Papa Walsh is also a self-defense instructor who posts totally rad hand-to-hand combat vids and wicked cool family vlogs on his YouTube channel, @Papa Walsh.

As for Claudia’s mama, she’s none other than Jen Seidel, a legendary body painter and makeup artist known far and wide as Jen the Body Painter. And that’s not all, folks! Claudia’s maternal grandmother is a boss lady in her own right – Linda Seidel is a total master makeup artist and trailblazer. Whoa, talk about a powerhouse family!


Whoa, Claudia’s love life has been on a rollercoaster ride! She was in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend of half a decade, Marty Bindel, when she was a teen but as they hit their 20s, things started getting rocky. While Claudia dreamed of settling down, walking down the aisle, and having children, her professional aspirations took over. The couple eventually decided to break up in 2019, as they wanted different things from life.


Claudia has an astonishingly diverse and eye-catching collection of more than 8 minimalist tattoos adorning her body. One of her tattoos is the French phrase “La vie en rose” in elegant italics, which is situated on the side of her right hand. This expression, which means “Life in Pink,” is accompanied by a “Rose Tattoo” on her right index finger. Recently, Claudia got two matching tattoos with her best friend and fellow YouTuber, Devorah Roloff.

One tattoo, behind her right elbow, reads “WILD” in all caps, while the other is a small “red flame” tattoo located in her groin area along the bikini line. She also has a flower tattoo near her right shoulder blade and a minimal heart tattoo situated above her buttocks.


Ah, the ever-increasing empire of Claudia Walsh – the young and savvy American YouTube Vlogger. As we dive into the nitty-gritty details of her net worth, it’s evident that the lass is no stranger to success. With a net worth of $120,000 in 2020 and AdSense being her primary breadwinner, it’s safe to say she’s doing rather well for herself. But the real kicker? Her recent clothing line launch “MOODS” on November 29, 2020. With its stellar reception, it’s no surprise that Claudia’s net worth is predicted to skyrocket in 2023. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s currently cruising around in a Jeep SUV valued at a cool $30,000. Claudia, you sly dog, keep on thriving!

YouTube Revenue

Claudia started her official YouTube channel (@ClaudiaWalsh) in late 2017. She hit the 100,000 subscribers in January 2019 and 200,000 subscribers in late October 2019. Since then her attainable fashion & Try-on haul videos has been watched over by more than 24 Million times, achieving the most recent milestone of 300,000 in July 2020.

The Fashionmonger’s YouTube channel currently has 350K subscribers, gaining almost 7k-8k subscribers/month with 30K-50K average video views. Around 80% of Claudia’s viewers are females while she is subscribed by only 20% Male. Her major demographics is dominated by females in the age group of 18-24 (49%) followed by 17% females in age group 25-34 and 12% females younger than 17 y/o.

Her YouTube channel earns an excellent revenue all thanks to the high CPM it generate from 50% audience from USA & Canada. Claudia’s monthly YouTube Partner Earning is estimated to be around $ 2700 – $ 8500 based on her video reach. On an average every video on her @ClaudiaWalsh YouTube channel earns her 10,000 US Dollars.

100K subscribersJanuary 2019
20 Million Total viewsIn January 2020
Most Viewed Videoasking guys questions girls are too afraid to ask (1.1 Million Views)
Video with Most CommentI GOT A B00B-J0B | VLOG
Video with Most Like ratioSisters Turn into Twins [Like Ratio: 99.5% (34.19K / 183 )
Collaboration E-Mail
Claudia Walsh YouTube

Instagram Income

Claudia Walsh comes under the Macro influencer category on her official Instagram (@cllaaaudiaa) and a sizeable amount of her income comes from paid partnerships. Some of recent sponsored brand promotion were for White Fox Boutique, and Beginning Boutique.

Official IG Handle@cllaaaudiaa
Verified/Non VerifiedNot Verified as of 2020
Influencer StatusMacro Influencer
Engagement Rate (ER)18.8%
Average Likes/Post61,000
Average Comments/Post1000
Average Post/week2-3
Estimated Post Value$500/post
Backup Instagram account@claudiawalshtoo
Claudia Walsh Instagram Influencer

TikTok Star

In the year 2020, Claudia achieved viral fame on the lip syncing sensation TikTok, as her playful video garnered over 35,000 shares and an impressive 6.9 million views, in addition to 766,000 likes. Her verified TikTok account under the handle @iwantcandy77 boasts a massive following of 130,000 devoted fans, and has garnered a total of 1.7 million hearts. With an outstanding engagement rate of 9.7%, as well as an average video view count of 470,000 and 50,000 likes per post, this forward-thinking visionary is well on her way to cementing her status as a key influencer on the platform.


Are Claudia and Kennedy Claire Walsh Twin Sisters?

No, Claudia & Kennedy are not Twin Sisters. Claudia is 3 year 1 Month older than her sister Kennedy.

Who is taller Claudia or Kennedy Walsh?

YouTube influencer Kennedy Walsh’s Height is 5’5” and she is Taller than her sister Claudia Walsh by 3 Inches.

Has Claudia Walsh had Plastic Surgery?

Claudia Walsh, the YouTube sensation, is no stranger to cosmetic enhancement procedures. In fact, she has openly discussed her lip filler procedures and has even gone under the knife for breast augmentation with her best friend Devorah in October 2020. Claudia had initially gotten a half syringe of lip filler in 2017, but later opted for a full syringe in 2019 to even out her upper lip and enhance her smile. Her mother’s plastic surgeon friend performed the procedure for her. Claudia’s bra size was a VS 34B before the breast augmentation surgery, and she opted for 405 cc silicone implants placed below the chest muscle to achieve a natural appearance. The entire procedure set her back a whopping $7,000 USD.

Is Claudia Walsh a Nurse?

Yes, Famous YouTuber Claudia Walsh is a registered nurses (RN), graduating in Associate to Bachelor’s (ATB) Nursing Degree from Towson University’s Nursing department in 2020.